Amy Brwon on Personal Homepages to share your story

Getting to know your team

Values, life passions, significant personal and professional events. These are just some of the components that Amy Brown, President of SoDo Consulting, has identified as being key to better understanding our whole selves. Using a personal homepage template that she integrates into coaching and leadership development sessions help individuals generate a succinct picture of what shapes them and allows an opportunity for deeper trust and connection.


Show Notes

The Personal Homepage is a great tool to be able to tell "your story" in an easy to follow format.
Download the Personal Homepage Document
Can be used in a team setting to create connections amongst team members and help to build new levels of trust.
Some key parts are:

  • Hand drawn self portrait – allows people to be creative and a visual representation can be powerful to see what include and why
  • Significant Life Events – doesn't have to be just work related.  Hear why Amy recommends including personal and professional life events in this section.
  • Passions – share what you care about
  • Values – allows you to describe what you value and why – not always a common conversation that we have with others so it can be very valuable to relationship building

We bring our whole selves to work and this tool can foster a culture of deeper interest, investment, and connection when shared with others.
Allows you to become invested and interested in others.

Not a large time commitment (25 minutes to create, 15 minutes to share) and can be facilitated by someone on the team.