Christy Fox on job transition from technology to nursing

You might be surprised to learn how being a technical recruiter helped Christy Fox transition to a new career as an ER Nurse. Today Christy takes us on the journey of how she came to the decision to move on from a lucrative career in tech to the healthcare industry..and she hasn't looked back.

Don’t be afraid of the hard work, follow your passion, find balance, and be brave. Have you been thinking of transitioning to a different career? Get inspired today.

Show Notes

Career Transitions from Tech Recruiting to Healthcare

Some career transitions require a re-training and new education.  For Christy,  going from a Technical Recruiting to a being Nurse required going back to school.  She took classes at the community college while still working full time and then had to make the leap to being a full time nursing student to finish up the required Master's degree.

What Cues in your life will let you know when to make a change?
    Ask yourself "Is this really what I want to do forever?'
    Think about what you are qualified to do

  • Do you have a  degree in a different field?
  • Do you have experiences from a previous job?

    Think back to passions you had in your youth    
In your professional journey you have to decide what is important to you.
    For our guest Christy it was

  1.         Can I leave my work at work
  2.         Can I do this part-time
  3.         Can I do this role anywhere        

What Cues are there to know that you have made the right move?

  •     Re-discovered a passion and interest area when taking classes
  •     Having the confidence by taking the things you are good at and seeing how those translate

Transferable skills – you may have more transferable skills than you realize

  •     Communication and relationship building skills – think of how those can translate
  •     Triaging and quickly assessing a situation
  •     Troubleshooting and agility in making decisions