Carol Hedly - resilience during job search and staying motivated

How is your job search going?

Longer than you expected?

Carol Hedly joins us to share some advice on how you can stay resilient and stay focused on the search and the other important parts of your life.

Carol Hedly is a Talent Management specialist who designs, facilitates, and leads leadership development and learning solutions aligned with business strategy. Carol has a specialty in identifying and creating development strategies for senior high-potential leaders and key talent.

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Show Notes

Job Search is a marathon
You are putting yourself out there so you may feel vulnerable
You will need resilience to sustain through the marathon
Resilience is like a rubber band – it is how quickly you can bounce back

Recommend work done by Jim Lear and Tony Schwartz – on the Energy Project
Your Energy comes from 4 Quadrants – Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

For Resilience you need to do "Self Care" or Self Fuel
Ways to care for yourself:  
    • Read
    • Talk with a counselor or friend
    • Make a list of where you are effective and where you have been successful – and make it NOT about work
    • Serve others – get involved with a community service project

Make a Plan and Work the Plan
Just like planning for a marathon
Schedule in time for Self Care – Eat Well, Sleep Well, Exercise
Schedule time for updating resume and LinkedIn
Determine how many contacts to reach out to each day/week and schedule that time
Schedule coffees, meetings with network
Build your network – join local professional organizations
Make your plan for the day, the week, the month

In networking – be brief, be professional, be gone

How do you get back on track after a set-back (didn't get the offer, didn't get the interview, ect)?
Be ok with feeling the emotion
Do self care
Find someone to talk with about your experience
Separate who you are as an individual from the experience
Then get back to your plan & work the plan
Be open to new opportunities that you might not have thought of before