Alex Wright - improving job statisfaction and unpacking your job frustrations

Feeling Disillusioned or Frustrated at your job? Development Coach, Alex Wright joins us to help unpack why you might feel like this and what you can do about it.

As a development coach, Alex Wright has more than fifteen years of experience at leading Fortune 100 companies and coaches senior directors, general managers, presidents, and their teams worldwide.
Alex’s coaching is distinguished by the use of emotional intelligence, consistency, and kindness to get the most out of people. He’s found that even in today’s technology-rich work environment, success in business is still based on functional interpersonal relationships.
From his earliest days as a cable TV personality to living in a remote Eskimo fishing village on. Alex received his education from the University of Washington, with a focus on English and Communications, a degree in Computer Information Systems from Bellevue College and multiple Leadership Development certifications.

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Show Notes

If you are feeling unsatisfied in your job, Alex recommends that you need to "unpack" what is really happening and causing your dissatisfaction and discontent.
It may not be what you initially think it is once you do this deeper dive "unpack".
Takes courage to start to address discontent or dissatisfaction.
This can be process that takes months – not usually a quick fix.
People are looking for the opportunity to be successful.

Keep a journal of our experiences and log the way you are feeling
Be honest with yourself
Go back and read over it
Could see it in a different perspective when you read it
Stay in touch with yourself
Turning the Mind Into an Ally – make sure you aren't telling yourself "stories" - this can be the source of your dissatisfaction.
Could use Awareness Meditation- it is a way to quiet the mind.  You are aware of things but you don't judge them or let them bother you.

3 steps recommended to help if feeling dissatisfied or disillusioned on the job
Write a Log
Get a coach or counselor
"Unpack" your experiences and feelings