Alan Andersen talks the leadership of you and how to overcome failure at work

When was the last time you had a conversation with someone who shared how grateful they were to get fired? That is the very view of Alan Andersen, leadership coach and partner of Shandel (pr: Shawn-Dell) Group. Alan states that next to faith and family, foreclosure on his first home and being fired from a “dream” job were the best things that happened to him. Learning from past mistakes is just one of the many experiences that impact his method for engaging, empowering, and equipping his clients to transform and thrive.

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Show Notes

Alan grew up in careers living in a reactive mode.
In reactive mode, you're not able to follow your purpose or values as clearly as you can while living proactively
- Foreclosure and being fired from a dream job were the catalyst for Alan, to pause and realize that something was off
- Alans Story
 • Personally and professionally, things were not running smoothly
 • The Shandel Group performed an assessment
 • 2008, during recession, layoff, family health issues, foreclosure, new child
  ○ Alan realized personally and professionally, HE was the common denominator
  ○ He realized he needed to engage and motivate people
 • Coaching is different than a consultant, does not tell you what to do, but collaborates
 • Found a consulting firm that would train him. Turns out, they decided they could not train him so he lost that job.
 • Realized he can't lead others well, if he can't lead himself well.
 • Needed to live proactively
 • Paused - Clarified his purpose
 • Returned back to work with The Shandel Group
- What does it mean to lead yourself?
 Remember that this is a daily practice - it's not a one-time thing
 A Shandel is an aviation maneuver that gets you to another altitude while changing direction.
 We can't always just stop everything and figure out how to change.
 As a leader how can we change direction while also moving to a different altitude?
 As an individual contributor - How can you think of yourself as a leader?
 - If someone has a title, it is a byproduct and not a starting point
 - We need to treat everyone equally in dignity value and worth.
 - Need to know who I am - does my job align with the way I am wired?
 A. Value in everyone
 B. How am I wired?
 C. How am I aligned with my opportunities?

It's easy to assign value to others when compared to ourselves.
Being a leader isn't exclusive to your professional life, it's important in your personal life as well
People in our family know us the best
We should look at home as our primary training ground

How do you determine how healthy you are as a leader right now?
Imagine an apple tree
What did it take for the tree to develop the apples
- Good soil
- Are the roots well established?

The Engaged Stage (Soil)
- Are you self-aware?
- Accountability
- Take Action

Empowerment Stage (Roots)
- What is my character like?
- What is my competency?
- What is my capacity?

Execution Stage
- Do I have a growth mindset?
- Why am I doing this?
- What is my method?

THEN you can produce great fruit in your life

With the right mindset, you will pass the test of time.