Judith Young talks mindfulness at work, being centered at work

Attention is a resource that you decide to "spend". Being MINDFUL can have positive impact on your health, productivity and creativity. Judith Young explains how all this works and how you can reap the benefits of mindfulness in your life.

A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention
— Herbert A. Simon

Judith Young has integrated mindfulness study and practice with her professional and personal life for the past 20 years, bringing greater presence, resilience, and engagement as a leader, manager, entrepreneur, coach, facilitator, and friend.  After her career as a film and video producer and several years with Microsoft, her passion for waking up at work led her to gain a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science at The Leadership Institute of Seattle and to become a Certified Professional Coach and facilitator.  Judith works with individuals, teams and organizations to help awaken creativity, insight, focus, emotional/relational intelligence, and engagement.  Judith has coached and facilitated mindfulness globally to clients and groups at Microsoft, Amazon, Nordstrom, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as non-profits and medium-sized companies. 
Let’s get more centered at work!

Show Notes

Mindfulness – paying attention in present moment and letting go of judgment
Being Centered at Work is about engagement, bringing out creativity, enriches experience, focus, aliveness, presence
Be in the Moment

Mindfulness is:
 • Intention
 • Attention
 • Attitude – curiosity, acceptance

Being centered is not a passive state – it takes effort to be centered

Employee engagement needs to rest on a foundation mindfulness
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the foundation for Relational Intelligence
These rest on a foundation of Mindfulness

Awareness is a skill – be aware of yourself, of your impact

Attention is a resource that you decide to how you "spend". Every screen is a consumer of our attention.
CDC says that 80% of illness is stress related and research says that 70% of people say that their relationship to their job is a stressor.

Where go from here?
Do a Mindfulness Practice
Try a guided practice, or an app or a mindfulness coach
Your body shows your stress – so manage your body – relax your facial muscles, deep breathing
Use your bread to regulate your mood – your breath has a physiological impact on brain
Insert mindful moments – on the way the lunch, make this a mindful moment

Research showed that employees gained 1 hour of productivity after incorporating a mindfulness practice to their routine.
Make it a routine - One minute a day is better than 7 minutes on Saturday and schedule those mindful moments.

Life goes fast – so be there!