Jean South talks about Hire Served and veteran job opportunties

Early in her FBI career, Jean South understood the importance of connection and understanding that changing one life can change the world. In starting Hire Served in 2016, Jean highlights the unique value her network of veterans have developed during their military career and helps educate employers on the long-term benefits of hiring veterans to boost their business.

Show Notes

Think big

For deeper connections with teams, ask "why are we all here", "what are we trying to achieve"

Seek counsel and mentorship from others

Become a mentor for US Veterans via

Stop thinking about the jobs and titles you've held and figure out who you were and the constant that showed up in every role

Common thread of serving the community

"We all can change the world by changing a life."

Military personnel are:

  • To step into leadership
  • Be part of a team
  • Highly trainable
  • Practicing to learn throughout their career

Reach across "the bridge" from the civilian side to connect with veterans (and vice versa)

From the day they put their boots on, military personnel become "we"

Jean has tips on what to ask/what not to ask during interviews

It's important to build trust first

If you know someone who has served, reach out to them to see if they need any assistance in connecting to the private sector

Consider mentoring a veteran as part of your own professional development career