Nancy McSharry Jensen - ReBoot Seattle, returing to work

Did you or someone you know step out of the traditional workforce for a while? ReBoot is a career accelerator program designed for women looking to speed up their transition back into the industry.

Nancy McSharry Jensen is the Program Director at ReBoot Seattle and she shares the benefits of participating in the ReBoot career accelerator and how technology, brand and networking are the keys to success for program participants.

Show Notes

ReBoot is designed for women who have taken a career break

  • Get up-to-speed on technology and trends in the market
  • Get connected and build confidence
  • Understand the value that you bring
  • ReBoot accelerator program speeds up your transition back into the workforce
  • Personal branding; social media; cloud computing training; productivity tools
  • Introducing to recruiters and hiring managers
  • On average, ReBoot cohorts have 10+ years of industry experience

Program options

  • One week immersion; or
  • Eight week accelerator program

Program benefits

  • Get current with latest technologies
  • Branding tools
  • Club ReBoot (continued education and networking program)

80% of ReBoot cohorts report finding meaningful work from participating in the accelerator program

Accelerator program locations

  • Silicon Valley
  • Seattle
  • Chicago
  • New York

Expansion program locations

  • LA
  • DC
  • Atlanta
  • Boston