Thea Kelley talks Authentic and Strategic Interview prep

You're getting ready the big interview. Do you know what your R.E.V points are? Thea Kelley, author of Get That Job! The Quick and Complete Guide to a Winning Interview, walks us through how to prepare, practice, and stand out from other candidates.

Thea Kelley has more than 20 years' experience in coaching, career services, writing and editing, and holds several relevant certifications including Certified Employment Interview Consultant. She provides coaching on all aspects of job search, from resumes to interviewing, serving everyone from senior executives to recent graduates, nationwide. 

Show Notes

Preparing for your interviews – how to be authentic and strategic

Need to find a good balance of Authentic and Strategic during interviews
Authenticity- allows you to make a connection with interviewer
Strategic – proactively selling yourself with your answers

Strategic- you need to stand out in an interview so planning and practicing is key
Define your Key Selling Points – 3 – 5 that the interviewer should know about you
Your Key Selling Points should R.E.V.
    R = Relevant
    E = Exceptional
    V = Verifiable

Authentic – is more than just telling the truth.  
When preparing for interviews prepare an outline of talking points for questions – memorize these talking points but don't memorize a script
Be conversational, be natural
Use details, specifics and examples to sound be authentic

So many different interview formats – Video, Phone, Face to Face but in all of them you need to have that balance of being authentic and strategic
Video/online interviews require some additional effort – be use to have a good light source and look at the camera so you have eye contact with the interviewer