Sara Harvey Yaho talks burn out, being present and overcoming stress

Sara Harvey Yao joins us to talk through the ways to recognize whether you're being driven by fear or inspiration and how to work through stress (versus managing it). She explains how you can start with small changes today, even sitting at a stop light.

Show Notes

Watch for signs of stress & burnout

  • Physical symptoms like coughs and tiredness
  • Feeling like you don't have a choice
  • Being on autopilot

Being stressed puts in "survival mode" and you do not operating at your best in that mode for sustained periods of time.  Your career and work performance can be negatively impacted
Low grade stress for long term can lead to both physical issues and negative impact on emotional state.  You lose touch with where is the best use of your time  or where your excel at your job.

Being Present can help with this

Being present is the idea that you are in the moment and fully experiencing where you are and what you are doing.  You need to give yourself space or "air pockets" to Be Present.  To do this look at: 

  • Schedule – don't schedule back to back to back meetings – put time in your day
  • Body – is it time to move?  are you hydrated and well fed?
  • Thoughts – what am I thinking about?
  • Heart – tune into what you need right now

Consider this: You are 40% less effective when hungry or dehydrated

Tips if you are feeling burned out

  • Take small steps – even small changes can have an impact
  • Look at the  fundamentals
  • Get enough water
  • Eat healthy
  • Move your body
  • Get fresh air
  • Sleep – fully rested

Stress is rooted in fear and it will push you.  Inspiration is rooted in a positive energy and it will push you also.  Being present let's you recognize which it is that is pushing you - Stree/fear or Inpiration/creativity and helps you work through both. 

Rather than "manage" stress, think about "working through" stress. 

Consider places you can add in your own "air pockets" to be present – at stop lights, take a breath and be present. 

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