Work Life Balance by Sharon Chin - how to fit work into life

The work/life balance discussion has been lengthy, and colorful, over the years. You may not feel that you have a lot of control over finding that balance but Sharon Chin joins us in studio to share how she's been successful in having work fit into her life so she can be the very best version of herself at home and at work.

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Show Notes

How do you get work to fit into your life?

  • Send the message that your work needs to fit into your life, not the other way around
  • Make <your company> work for you
  • Clearly communicate to current or future employers and who you work with
  • Start the conversation early in the process with potential employers - if there are concerns from either party, there's an opportunity to determine if flexibility or negotiation is available
  • Identify what is most important to you and how you work best (family, health, travel, etc)
  • Wrap work around the things that are most important you
  • How do you work (early morning, later in the day)?
  • Check in with yourself, others around you, and your employer regularly
  • Be flexible with it
  • Ongoing conversations allow for adjustments
  • Find the courage to have the conversation
  • Be clear about your priorities and present solutions - be flexible to find a win-win for you and the business
  • Be honest - this is my "pie in the sky" scenario and this is why it's important to me
  • There is no clear definition of having or not having work/life balance…you need to determine what it means for you
  • What are the boundaries that you want to put in place?