Michelle Etchart on Professional Development

Michelle Etchart is part of the student development team at Seattle University, where she leads professional development programs and innovative efforts. She has spent 20 years helping people discern their passion and develop their potential through personal development, training and skill building.

It’s professional development for grown-ups.

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Show Notes

  • We've all had those moments in our lives when someone taps us on the shoulder and says "hey you would be good at this." to get us thinking
  • Get started with the knowledge of ourselves
  • There are a variety of assessments available from what kind of dog breed you are to scientifically based - choose the one that's appropriate for your goals
  • Take the results and consider where they fall within what you know about yourself
  • Depending on the day, the results may be different
  • Resources
  • Think about where the assessment results place in your life that you're using those and areas where to improve
  • Determine what your next areas of growth are
  • Note 2-3 things to act on quickly
  • If it's not a habit, put it on your calendar
  • Build your own curriculum
  • Find a lesson on TED-Ed
  • Search for free material, workshops, and training materials from experts online
  • Invite feedback from customers, clients, and colleagues
  • Look back on your day. Where were you genuine and authentic or where did you not hit the mark?
  • Take 15 minutes a day to reflect
  • Develop a team map to find gaps
  • Volunteering allows for an opportunity outside of the workplace to practice and develop skills
  • Do regular check-ins with your professional development
  • Hold yourself accountable - tell a colleague over coffee...here's what I read/did today
  • Choose one thing today that will deepen your self-knowledge