Molly Stehr on receiving feedback, SBI model

A business leader with 20+ years of experience, Molly Stehr has been on both sides of the feedback table. She walks us through how to be strategic in delivering and receiving feedback, as well as why it's important to pause and ask yourself "What happens if I do nothing?".

Feedback is a gift.

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Show Notes

  • Feedback is a gift
  • Try to get to know more about the person that you're thinking of giving feedback to eg., Are they looking to grow? What is the valuable message for them?
  • Give a heads up...I've got some feedback that I'd like to share, is there a preferred way for me to give it?
  • Approach giving feedback with the SBI method (situation, behavior, impact)
  • What to do when someone says "no thank you" to your feedback
  • When you receive feedback, consider:
    • It can be an emotional experience
    • Controlling your response
    • Not all feedback needs to be acted on
    • Whether the feedback is useful...if not, place it to the side
    • Be open and considerate
    • Don't go in with the assumption that the feedback is wrong...get a 2nd opinion from a trusted source
    • Asking yourself "what happens if I do nothing? what if I do something major?"
    • When good enough is good enough
    • Be strategic about how you manage feedback
  • Molly shares feedback that she received early in her career, what her initial reaction was, and what she did afterwards
  • Care about the person you give feedback to
  • If you're not getting feedback, don't be afraid to open the door and ask for it
  • Is there something you can do in this current role that will get you to the next role?
  • Using an analogy can help deliver the "light bulb" moment and see the action from feedback