What is the professional legacy you left today? It . Kelli Hildebrand, owner of Keynote Discovery, coaches clients on identifying their professional legacy and breaks down how you can start defining yours today.

Kelli HIldebrand on professional legacy
What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.
— Pericles

For over 20 years, Kelli has worked with innovative, industry-leading companies, including Microsoft, Google, Starwood Hotels and Four Seasons Hotels – as well as non-profit boards and start-ups. Kelli delivers highly engaging and results driven team communication solutions world-wide. She has delivered solutions to teams in cities across the globe such as Singapore, Seoul, Dublin, Brussels, London and Sydney.

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  • "little l" legacy - what are you leaving behind today...from a meeting, a project, a job interview
  • Be intentional
  • Legacy isn't built after the fact - it's happening right now
  • If you tackle it day-by-day, you're already working on your legacy
  • Get clear on what we've done in the past to find clarity on what you what to do in the future
  • Resistance towards the discussion is a good indicator that you're in the right spot
  • What is the legacy you've left so far?
  • How your resume can help develop a legacy map
  • Don't be the person in the room that asks the question "What keeps you up at night?", instead ask "What wakes you up in the morning, what makes you jump out of bed, what lights you up?"
  • Knowing your professional legacy can serve as an anchor
  • Wherever you're at in life or career, you still have the possibility of curating something for the future
  • The Fly Lady process - you can do anything for 15 minutes
  • Set the timer in 20 minute increments
  1. Create your legacy map
  2. ind the themes
  3. Develop a Legacy Statement
  • It's not supposed to be perfect
  • Review your legacy frequently
  • Find a trusted source to share your legacy statement with and ask "Does this reflect me?"