Chris Anderson talks Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is working tirelessly to deliver affordable housing to people and families in nearly 1,400 communities across the US and over 50 countries around the world.

Construction Manager Chris Anderson visits us in studio to share more on the Habitat for Humanity vision and how volunteers are the key in the continued development within their communities. Chris walks us through the steps that he takes in managing a build and how you can apply those same steps in your day-to-day deliverables. Don't think you have the skills to build a home? If you've put together furniture from IKEA, put on your hard hat and reach out to your local Habitat for Humanity office today.

Show Notes

A conversation with a consultant led Chris to dig into what the next chapter of his career would look like

Everyone should have a simple, decent home

Volunteers or "builders" construct each house

Bicycle analogy: Steering (planning) and Pedaling (doing)

New housing estimates throughout the country are not going to close the gap on the affordable housing crisis

  1. Plans and permits
  2. Sites and foundations
  3. Structure and dry-in
  4. Systems
  5. Closing

If you've built IKEA furniture, you can be a Habitat for Humanity volunteer

Volunteers are the magic behind Habitat for Humanity

There are three ways to get involve:

  1. Stuff
  2. Money
  3. Time

Sign up as an individual or as a group (family, friends, corporate teams)

Chris believes that "everyone is a volunteer" - in non-profit and for-profit organizations (you voluntarily go to work and choose to engage, regardless if you're getting paid)