Tom Perry talks Professional Dashboard, professional development, Engaged Pursuits

Tom Perry, Founder of Engaged Pursuit, returns to the studio to chat about how his team assists clients in building their professional dashboard. He breaks down the six elements involved and how the process allows for deeper exploration and evaluation in the professional experience.

Show Notes

Explore your professional experience

The process can assist with:

  • evaluating the gaps to determine whether a change is needed
  • job search
  • confirming that after the first 90 days whether the decision process

The dashboard allows you to Identify the best case scenario

Elements of the Professional Dashboard:

  1. Organizational state
    • Starter
    • Builder
    • Optimizer
    • Runner
    • Changer
    • Closer
  2. Strengths (or Competencies)
  3. Operational state
    1. You
    2. Your role
    3. Your boss
    4. Your company
  4. Environment
    1. Physical (eg., office layout; city vs suburb; commute; after work activities)
    2. People (eg., introverts vs extroverts; travel)
  5. Business impact
  6. Opportunities
    1. Skills
    2. Strengths or competencies
    3. The experience

Review each element every quarter or when a significant shift happens in career or life

Validate with a trusted source