Sandra Fischer on Bringing Resume to Life, telling a story, resume

Bringing your resume to life

Have you ever been in an interview and feel like you're just repeating the bullet points on your resume? Sandra Fischer sits down with our host, Danna Redmond and walks us through how to bring your resume to life during an interview. Differentiate yourself from other candidates…through preparation and passion.

Show Notes

Show Notes

Bringing your resume to life

Bringing your resume to life is your "job" during the interview

In this episode, Sandra discusses how you are the CEO of you so you need to sell yourself in that interview.  The interviewers are there to get to know you and determine if you are a good fit for the job and company. So you your role or "job" during the interview is to ensure that the interviewers know about you the way that you want them to know about you. 

How do you answer the "Walk me through your resume" question?

Sandra recommends, pulling out the things in your resume that are most relevant to the job you are interviewing for.  You need to review your resume and know what points are the most relevant points for the job.  Be Precise and Concise.  Help fill in the story around your resume – did you have a unique experience that started you on your path (like a study abroad) or do you have volunteer experience that is relevant?

How to prepare for interviews

  • Start by writing out a memoir of your work history
  • Then ask:
    • What are you passionate about?
    • What learned from this job?
    • What skills developed?
  • This is the story of your career
  • Practice the interview
    • Have friends, families or professionals ask you questions
    • Spend as much time as possible – 30 minutes to 10 hours to prepare

Passion can be a differentiator

Passion is something that doesn't come out on resumes is your passion and interests.  Passion for the job, passion for the company, passion for your experiences.  Think about what you care about most and how that relates to the job interview and be sure you talk about this in the interview.

How you embrace change can be a differentiator

Consider how you embrace change.  How you handle change and continue to evolve and grow can be an important part of your story. Given the speed of change in business today, being able to evolve and keep up with change is an important skill that may not come out on your resume.