MicheleGoedde talks performance reviews

Performance review time can generate butterflies in the best of us. What happens if it doesn't go as well as you expected? Michele Goedde, Founder of Michele Goedde Coaching, walks us through the steps to embrace the process, making sure you and your manager are on the same page when it comes to the definition of "meeting expectations" and "exceeding expectations" as well as tips on setting goals for future success. Be sure to revisit this episode when preparing for your review!

Michele is a leadership coach specializing in helping managers build and lead high performing teams and in leaders developing their authentic style. In Human Resources at Microsoft, Michele worked with leaders across all levels and around the globe to develop talent to meet the needs of a dynamic, multi-discipline organization.

A talented manager, Michele led high performing teams to success as a part of University Recruiting during some of the company’s greatest years of growth. Michele was known as a key leader, strong mentor and advocate for entry level talent and piloted some of the technology innovations for tracking success metrics still in place today.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Michele was in the restaurant business in Seattle and Chicago. As a General Manager, she led all operations and management of front and back of the house teams.

Michele has always been interested in human behavior, in particular workplace dynamics, and holds an MA in Applied Behavioral Science and a BA in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. She is a certified coach receiving this credential from the Coaches Training Institute.

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Web - www.michelegoedde.com

Show Notes

What to do when your performance review isn't what you expected?

It is your career and your feedback so you need to do the work to get the feedback, react to the feedback and learn from the feedback. 

Getting feedback you didn't expect can be challenging emotionally and points to a disconnect with between your perceptions and your managers perception.

Know that you drive your own career so you need to ensure that you are taking the steps to get the feedback that will help you grow in your career.

Go into each performance review with an open mind and be open to the feedback you hear

  • Prepare for the performance review
  • Do a thorough self assessment
  • Define what you did well and why you think you did them well
  • Approach the performance review session or any feedback session asa Learning Conversation

If you get feedback you didn't expected, give yourself time to be disappointed and start thinking about how you can ensure you aren't surprised again by feedback and how to prevent a disconnect from occurring again.

You can help set yourself up for success when first starting a job

  • Ensure you understand the structure for the role
  • How to get frequent feedback
  • Understand the details or the why

There is a difference between meeting expectations and exceeding expectations. -- Be sure you know the difference and that you and your manager agree on what meeting vs exceeding expectations really looks like.

Setting your goals

  • Include what success looks like
  • Ask manager if there is anything else they will look at to see if successful
  • Define what "exceeding expectations" looks like

Consider getting a Career Mentor – this is someone other than your manager who is engaged in your career growth.

When considering feedback you have received, think about what is inside your control and what isn't – and then taking action on the items that are within your control