Lora Poepping on Becoming an Entrepreneur

Lora Poepping,  President of Plum Coaching & Consulting, returns to the studio to share her journey from being a Corporate champion to starting her own business, allowing her creativity and passion for helping others in their careers to shine.

The world does not know that it needs you.

Show Notes

  • Become a human bumper car - try it, even if you bump into something you can change direction
  • Everything Lora does teaches her what to do, and everything that doesn't work out teaches her what not to do again
  • Consider a coach
  • You can make your own mistakes, you can do it
  • Be open to signals
  • Be open in communicating what you're looking for to your network
  • Take ego out of it
  • "The world does not know that it needs you."
  • Don't dig in your heels and think you have to go it alone
  • If what you are creating would be helpful?
  • Ask people who are unafraid to be honest
  • Take to heart the feedback that you receive
  • A brain trust of people, honest opinion of what you are wanting to do
  • Be malleable, be open, don't be a pushover
  • People want you to be successful
  • Be open to all possibilities
  • Go out and float your idea to understand whether your idea is viable in the marketplace
  • If you see someone that looks like they're an overnight success, dig a little further and you'll find that they've been working at it for a long time
  • You'll never think as hard about your job than you do for your own business
  • Fine tune the value proposition
  • Practice your message with trusted advisors to make it more appealing to people that you don't know
  • Know your audience, are you a potential competitor to the person you're seeking advice from?
  • The underlying reason you're doing this is not just about you...it's about providing a business, service, or product for others