Accountability matters

Keita H. Williams is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Success Bully, a fast growing accountability practice and content provider dedicated to supporting visionaries of all types in their goal attainment across both their personal and professional lives.

Keita is a recovering Tech PR hound and integrated marketer who has conceptualized and executed communications strategies across consumer tech brands of various sizes and stages. From mobile phones, tablets, laptops, apps and digital entertainment, she has launched and told stories for all manner of gadgetry.

Show Notes

  • Refine your goal – be clear on what you are trying to accomplish
  • Break the goal into steps – make them manageable smaller action items
  • Track each step – create a list of what you need to accomplish and determine what is the next thing you need to do in your list of action items
  • Tell others about your goal – they can help hold you accountable, and there can be a group of people cheering you on.  There is power in a public declaration of your goals and what steps you are going to take next to accomplish that goal.  
  • Stay focused – put on your blinders, don’t have too many big goals or get distracted
  • The little wins are the momentum you need to accomplish the big goal – celebrate the actions you need to get you to your big goal