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Advertising on TheCareerCue is possible...and easy.

TheCareerCue is a twice-weekly podcast focusing on career development strategies and actionable insights delivered through casual, yet informative conversations with HR experts and business leaders. Covering a range of topics targeting listeners including:

  • Kicking their job search into a higher gear
  • Evaluating their current career status and development plan
  • Understanding the benefits of a mentor relationship
  • Leveraging or extending their professional network
  • Discovering what the day in the life of certain job titles looks like
  • Utilizing expert career coaching advice to find the best approach for career advancement conversations

If this is your target market then advertising on TheCareerCue should be in your marketing mix.

Who should advertise? If your audience includes those looking for new opportunities, career development insights, or business and career coaching services, you can connect with them interactively via TheCareerCue.

Why should I advertise? TheCareerCue offers a unique way to connect with your target audience via display and audio advertising. Our packages are flexible; we formulate a solution to suit your needs and budget.

How much will it cost? Contact us. We'd be happy to discuss your advertising needs and the best solution for your audience.

Can you interview our company? Interviews are by invitation only, not based on payment by advertisers. This retains the integrity of the site for TheCareerCue, our listeners, advertisers and partners. However, if you believe your content is beneficial to TheCareerCue audience, we'd be happy to discuss to see if there is a fit.

What type of ads are available? We offer display (page) and audio (podcast) advertising opportunities.

Display - Ad buttons or page top banners for each episode. Choose the episode that best aligns with your company's products or services.
Audio - 15-second or 30-second ads are delivered via pre-roll and mid-roll placements. There is the option for host-record spots or to drop in your pre-recorded audio.