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Whether you start the 30 Day Challenge on a Monday after an anxiety-filled Sunday (stay tuned for an episode about Sunday Night Blues) or decide that your birthday is the best day to kick your professional plan into high gear, the word to focus on is "start".

Even on the days when we wake up with a flawless schedule ahead of us, life will throw us curve balls before we start our second cup of coffee (listen to the episode about Improv with Bridget Quigg). We shouldn't let those curve balls totally derail our journey. Take on a new challenge every week or tackle one by one over the course of a few months, it doesn't matter how long it takes...just start.

We've wrapped up the 30 Day Challenge below. Good luck!


Your Professional Story
If someone were to ask you today, “What is your professional story?”, would you know the answer? You are far more than the bullet points on your resume. Listen to Tom Perry's interview.

Your Professional Legacy
What is your professional legacy? The one that stays behind once you leave a meeting, a conference, or when you move to another company. When your co-workers describe you to others, what do they say? Listen to Kelli Hildebrand's interview.

Beyond the Locker Room
Jen Mueller's office is the locker room, interviewing professional athletes. Conversations are her bread and butter and with every interaction, on and off the field, Jen is intentionally curating her professional story, her legacy, and her brand. Listen to Jen Mueller's interview.

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Cue the Coach
Do you need a coach? The right coach can assist in helping identify and navigate obstacles, propel you forward with your goals, or simply get you off the start line as you embark on your most valuable investment. You. Listen to John McConnell's interview.

Development for Adults
Are you feeling like there is something bigger out there for your career? Is there a gap in your skill set that you'd like to fill but not sure how to get take the first step? The important thing to remember is that you just have to make the decision to start. Listen to Michelle Etchart's interview.

Feedback: It Doesn't Have to Hurt
Being given, or having to deliver feedback can kick in the fight-or-flight response. There are ways to manage feedback sessions moving forward to be a win-win for both sides. Listen to Molly Stehr's interview.

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LinkedIn Profiles
When was the last time you reviewed or updated your LinkedIn profile? Is it working for you? Differentiate yourself from the other 467,000,000 LinkedIn members and make some changes today to stand out from the enormous crowd. Listen to Lora Poepping's interview.

The Brand of You
Your brand is evolving every day. Do you know what your brand is? Does it match your vision of what you believe your brand to be? Whether you’re seeking further career advancement, are interested in public speaking opportunities, or simply wanting to button up your brand identity, staying focused and making small adjustments on a regular basis will serve as an integral part of your development strategy. Listen to Heather Hamilton's and Mel Carson's interviews.

Personal Homepages
We carry our values, passions, and significant events throughout our day. They aren't left in the parking lot when we arrive at the office or at home each day. It's important to understand our whole selves to allow for a deeper connection and investment in others. Listen to Amy Brown's interview.

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Who Are You?
We are not our job titles so how do we re-engage and stay connected with who we really are? Determine what matters most to you in life and career for true satisfaction. Listen to Sandra Fischer's interview.

Job Search: Get Unstuck
Your job search hasn't progressed exactly how you'd planned. Is there a specific point in the process where you hit a roadblock? Is networking part of your job search strategy? Break through the job search barriers today. Listen to Erin Ewart's interview.

The Confidence Factor
It's difficult to stay encouraged or motivated when a job search is taking longer than you expected. Rediscover your marketability and identify what you have done, what you can do, and what you will do to land your next career move. Listen to Lora Poepping's interview.

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